megaradio uk 10 years on air


in this episode icelebrate 10 years of megaradio uk being on air.

The top of hour show

in this episode i will be asking you what is a top of hour and how can it be use . i also be playing you 2 examples. i al also explane theat there a 3 types of top of hour and what they are.

The launch show


in this episode i will be telling you how i set up megaradio uk and i will also tell you what you need to set up a radio station. THese range from licencing whebsite builders and broadcast services and i will also tell you how i puchased my jingles and i talk about the cost of thes and the final thing i will talk sbout will be how i bult my apps for ios and android

The creative production show


in this episode i will be telling how megaradio uk’s videos and projects are created. i also share the tools i use these will reage from adobe photoshop adobe afterefects adobe premiar pro and adobe audtion plus i mention more poducts from the ado creative ploud package . i explene what it it is like working with the creative cloud system when you have a visual impairment .

The branding show


in this episod i tell you how and why i chaged the megaradio uk radio station slogan from the best mix of music to your megahit station i also explae how the slogan chages work with some sung jingles. i also play 2 version of a sung jingle. the original jingle withe the sl

The song writing show


In this episode I ask you have you ever written a song if so how long did it take you to write that song I also play you two versions of the mega radio UK song that I wrote. you will be able to listen to both songs in the megaradio uk app .